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Client Testimonials

"Our company has two primary needs for our IT Support:  fast service and good equipment that doesn't break down all of the time.  Essential IT Services, Inc always provides a prompt response and respects my time by always showing up on time for scheduled appointments.  The equipment they sell may not be the cheapest one you can buy, but rarely break down and come with good warranties."


- Will Willard, Owner, Will's Mobile Wash, Wichita, KS

What are Data Protection Services?

Data Protection Services are Essential IT ServicesSM required by all business entities.

Data Protection Services are designed to safeguard your organization's valuable data and information.

Data Protection Services are divided into the following categories: Backup and Recovery Services, Disaster Recovery Services and Information Security Services.

Backup and Recovery Services

Backup and Recovery Services are designed to protect from accidental data loss due to data corruption, failed equipment, virus infection, security breaches or similar issues.

When one or more of the above scenarios occurs on your computer or network, it is essential to your business operations that you have the ability to recover this data in a timely and reliable manner.

Backup and Recovery Services are designed utilizing a combination of hardware, software and operational strategies to ensure that your valuable data is protected and can be recovered quickly, saving you costly downtime and lost productivity.

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Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services are designed to protect from data loss due to catastrophic events such as fires, floods, tornadoes or other natural disasters, etc.

Disaster Recovery Services include the creation of a Disaster Recovery Plan and the implementation of that plan in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Services are a logical extension to Backup and Recovery Services and use those services as a foundation to create a strategic plan to get your organization's IT systems back online and your employees back to work in timely and cost efficient manner.

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Information Security Services

Information Security Services are designed to protect data from hostile attacks from both internal and external threats. These threats are managed by creating and implementing an Information Security Plan.

Internal threats are generally seen as both the "intentional" and "accidental" actions of employees and others who access your organization's data.

An example of an accidental action might be an employee who unknowingly has a virus on his/her home computer and brings that virus to the office via a USB flash drive, an e-mail message, or similar medium.

Internal threats are primarily managed by Information Security Policies, through managing user access to your organization's data and through Content Filtering Services.

External threats are generally seen as any attempt by individuals outside your organization to gain unauthorized access to your organization's IT systems or data.

Commonly these individuals are referred to by such terms as "hackers" or "script-kiddies", etc. These individuals often have a wide range of intentions ranging from simple "electronic vandalism" to specifically targeting an organization to steal information or reap some form of revenge.

Each business entity must assess its own level of risk and develop an appropriate Information Security Plan. Nevertheless, all business entities are at risk of attack for "electronic vandalism", computer viruses, and other forms of attack.

External threats are primarily managed by Firewalls, Anti-Virus Services, and Patch Management Services.

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