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Client Testimonials

"Over the years we have had several "time critical" situations where one of our Partners or staff members was experiencing problems with either his equipment or his software.  In each one of these occasions, Essential IT Services, Inc has responded promptly and their skilled and knowledgeable technicians have gotten us back up and operating very quickly.  Many of these problems have been eliminated by the purchase of better/newer hardware and software that were recommended by Essential IT Services, Inc."


- Paul McCausland, Partner, Young, Bogle, McCausland, Wells and Blanchard, P.A, Wichita, KS (Law Firm)

Five Reasons to Choose Essential IT Services, Inc When You Have Part-Time Technical Support Assistance

If you are an SMB owner or manager and you are relying on a friend or a family member or a part-time "Computer Guy" to help you with your computer and network needs, but you feel like your company might have outgrown the level of service that individual can provide, we might be able to help!

  1. When you are ready to make the transition, we can help make it easier.  Our company was originally founded on part-time work, so we have the greatest respect for people who provide part-time support.  If companies had not needed our part-time service, we would never have been able to start our company and grow it to where it is today.  We will work with your existing support person to make the turnover as smooth as possible while maintaining a professional and courteous relationship with him or her.
  2. We can help you increase your profitability by increasing the productivity and efficiency your employees. We can accomplish this by increasing the reliability and availability (uptime) of your computers and network.  The rate of change in the IT world is very fast.  If you are not a full time IT professional working in the field every day, chances are that technology is going to get ahead of you.  This does not necessarily mean that your current support person isn't capable of continued growth, but perhaps his/her personal desires, or other circumstances, prevent him/her from providing the next level of service you require.  So when you are ready to take this step, we can help you make the transition.
  3. We can help you eliminate your frustration with computer and network problems.  Essential IT Services, Inc means "IT Promises: Delivered!"  We can help you fine tune your computers and network for optimal performance, eliminating most frustration.  For those rare times when something actually does break, you need not worry, just contact our Fast, Reliable, Honest and Ethical Support Staff, and we will respond within an hour.  We are able to provide this level of service because we have multiple technicians on our full time staff.
  4. We can help you eliminate concern and "sleepless nights" over the safety of your valuable customer data, financial data, documents, and other files.  Our Professional Data Protection Services will keep your valuable data safe and sound!  We have invested in state-of-the-art Data Protection hardware and software, and we have multiple technicians who are trained to maintain this service.
  5. We can help increase your profitability by working with you as a Trusted Advisor, ensuring that you have access to valuable and accurate knowledge that will assist you in making more informed business decisions about Information Technology.  This knowledge will assist you in keeping your IT Strategy in alignment with your overall Business Strategy, will assist you in improving your business processes by fully integrating your IT Infrastructure into your business processes, and will lower your total cost of ownership in your IT infrastructure by purchasing the right IT tools the first time.

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