Competence, Communication and Confidence!

We hired Essential IT Services because we were tired of figuring out our IT issues. I am absolutely confident that any issues will be dealt with in a timely and competent manner. I appreciate the ease of submitting a service ticket and the work being done is communicated back to me promptly. They are able to get us up and running when IT issues arise with very little time lost. We now have less stress with our business thanks to Essential IT Services.

Sharon Schmidt Vice President
Rickman Machine Company, Inc
Wichita, KS

24/7 Support with Prompt Communication!

The biggest benefit for us after switching to Essential IT Services is that we get 24/7 support. It doesn’t matter what time of day; we know we will be taken care of. Essential IT Services provides prompt service and communicates quickly with us. They are easy to work with and will provide all the support you need for anything related to your organization’s cyber security, data, hardware management and overall IT infrastructure.

David Cool President
Clearwater Engineering, Inc.
Wichita, KS

Their Response Time is Excellent!

We have used Essential IT Services for over 20 years and their response time in troubleshooting is excellent. The backup systems they advised us to install were absolutely well-worth it. We had a catastrophic server failure and Essential IT Services had us functional within 24 hours. There should be no hesitation to pick Essential IT Services for your IT needs.

Kari Schmidt Managing Partner
Conlee, Schmidt & Emerson, LLP
Wichita, KS

Trustworthy IT Service!

The biggest benefit we have gained by moving to Essential IT Services is the close relationship we have established. I can comfortably make a phone call to Essential IT Services, and they respond fast and have the issue resolved quickly. We have many users here and almost always need issues resolved immediately. You can trust Essential IT Services to make sure you have the technical help and tools you need to run your business every day!

Laurel Alkire Executive Director
Senior Services, Inc. of Wichita
Wichita, KS

It is a No-Brainer to Use Essential IT Services!

Essential IT Services keeps our software programs up to date as well as provide the peace-of-mind that our data is safe. They ensure the smooth operation of our organization and the protection of our data.” Essential IT Services is big enough to handle any issues that arise, while maintaining the ability to make you feel like you are their only customer.

Matt Birch President
Eagle Properties
Wichita, KS

So Much More Than Just Technical Support!

In addition to providing skilled and valuable IT Support, Essential IT Services is truly our outsourced IT Department. They take responsibility to coordinate the different areas of IT that are needed to conduct our business. We no longer worry about recruiting, retaining, or managing IT personnel. Even more importantly, we don’t worry about vacations, sick days, terminations, or even having extra office space for multiple IT employees.

Terry Moore CEO
WSM Industries, Inc
Wichita, KS

No More IT Nightmares!

I’ve worked with other IT firms in the past. They sucked. We would be locked out of our systems with no password given to us. There was no communication with what they had done nor why they had done it. Essential IT Services is lightyears better than anyone else. They listen to their customers, addressing their industry-specific issues and resolving their problems. We have been with Essential IT Services for over 20 years and have seen them grow, but all the while, they maintain their focus on their customers and their needs. Essential IT Services has proven their trust repeatedly in handling our issues and keeping us informed every step of the way.

Patti Fox Vice-President
Fox & Associates, Inc
Wichita, KS

Essential IT Services Anticipates IT Issues Before They Arise!

The biggest benefit we have gained by moving to Essential IT Services is they anticipate issues before they arise. Unlike previous IT companies we used, Essential IT Services doesn’t leave my business dead in the water. I’m not stuck, unable to work, waiting for them to research any issues. If you have any doubt at all about using Essential IT Services, the fastest way to remove that doubt is to use them. You will not regret that decision.

Paul Hogan Paul Hogan’s Law Center for Car Accident Injuries
Wichita, KS

With Essential IT Services, We Know Our Issues Will Be Fixed!

After switching to Essential IT Services, we no longer have to go into panic mode every time we have an IT issue. We simply make a phone call, or send an email to create a service ticket, and know the issue will be fixed while we focus on our patients. Their staff is patient and understanding of our IT frustrations, and work with us to make sure everything gets fixed. You will not find a more qualified or dedicated staff to fix your IT issues. The constant availability of technicians is also something that most IT companies do not have in the same way Essential IT Services does.

Peter Ninemire Peter Ninemire Owner
The Caring Center of Wichita
Wichita, KS

Experienced IT Support a Phone Call Away!

With Essential IT Services we have access to different IT skill levels, and expertise in diverse IT areas, without hiring more IT employees or using multiple contractors to meet our IT needs. With a single phone call, I receive specialized IT support from skilled technicians. There are always technicians available and prepared if we have an IT emergency.

Terry Moore CEO
WSM Industries, Inc
Wichita, KS

They Go the Extra Mile for Your IT Needs!

Ever since switching over to Essential IT Services, all of our systems run smooth. They solve all of our IT issues quickly with no downtime for us. They provide us with a fast response time and make sure our systems are updated and running at peak performance. They also helped us migrate to Microsoft 365 and resolved lingering email problems another IT company couldn’t fix. Essential IT Services’ staff goes the extra mile to help with whatever IT services you need.

Brad Haedt Brad Haedt Owner
Innovative Constructions Services
Wichita, KS

They Attack Any IT Issue!

Essential IT Services has been a saving grace for my company and my team. They make my company safe and secure, and they are ready to attack any IT issues that arise. There is a whole team ready to serve you, so whenever there is an IT issue, their team is on it fast. There has not been one IT issue that Essential IT Services has not been able to resolve for our company. They will also create a custom service package, and if you need it, they will find new services that best fit your company. You never have to change your company to fit their services. They are there to work with you and your IT needs.

Derek Parrent Owner
Parrent Concrete, LLC
Wichita, KS

They Respond to Texts on the Weekend!

Essential IT Services is the all-inclusive solution. They may be out of sight most of the time, but they take care of everything. They anticipate the problems that can occur and implement solutions quickly. Essential IT Services is great at giving us options, evaluating them, and implementing the solutions. When we have emergency needs, even on the weekends, they react immediately. By the time we think to ask a question, they have already solved the problem. Get off the fence. These are the right guys.

John Robb John Robb Partner
Somers, Robb and Robb
Newton, KS

A True One-Stop Shop!

In addition to providing skilled and valuable IT Support, Essential IT Services excels at providing a wide range of ancillary services such as selling high quality/reasonably priced computers, servers, networking equipment, and software, all types of network cabling services, Internet and Data products, security cameras, VoIP phones, backup services, IT Emergency Response services, and so many more…

Terry Moore CEO
WSM Industries, Inc
Wichita, KS